My new puppy Yentle

On July 3rd my new puppy Yentle entered my home. After a long hot drive from Belgium to our home, she was finally here. The first thing cat Floortje did was escape and ran upstairs. Now 3 weeks later they have met, though not with Yentle free, but it is getting better bit by bit. Yentle is learning what and what not she can do in our house, that the plants in my backgarden are meant to stay there and that there are times that we stay inside. During her short lifespan she has only know hot Summer weather and has been living outside most of the time (except the nights of course). She is learning her first commands and learning that it is ok when the 'packleader' leaves home for a while, as she will come back again.
Below some of the latest photos:

She loves to dig

And she loves water...

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